How to place an object around another object multiple times in a circular position with array modifier (Array modifier: object offset type cases)


Let’s take a look at the following scene. I have a circle, and a cube.

I want this cube to be placed across the surface of the circle mesh multiple times.

For such task, I see that a lot of people suggest creating a curve, scaling it to match the scale of the object that we want to scatter our mesh onto, using an array modifier (fixed count) to achieve such result, or using fit curve “fit type” (array modifier). There is actually an easier way of doing it without all these hassle.

I placed my cube on the surface of my circle mesh. Brang an array modifier. Since we want to use another object as reference point, we will switch from “Relative Offset” to “Object Offset”. The moment we do that, our mesh (cube) will get huge.

This is because we moved our cube around the scene but did not tell Blender where the cube actually is. To do so, all we do is hitting Ctrl + A and selecting location or all (Location, Rotation, Scale). Applying rotation and scale only will not do the trick due to the reason I underlined above.

After we handled this issue, you’ll realize that incrementing the count does not really do anything. Well, it actually does. If you rotate your cube in Z axis a little bit, you’ll see that the array is actually working.

I think this method is very handy when you need to place objects along paths in Blender. Let me know if you guys encounter any issues with this method.

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