How to change default player speed in Unreal Engine 5?

UE5 Blueprints

As you already know, TPS and FPS templates that come with Unreal Engine, already have walking functionality implemented in them. If you’d like to change the default walking speed of your character, all you need to is, going to the blueprints of the character that you control. In this example, I’ll be using my “BP_FirstPersonCharacter” since I am using the FPS template.

When we open our blueprint in another window, on the left side of the screen, we’ll see a component named as “Character Movement”:

“Character Movement Component” Within The Components Window

If we click on this component, on the details panel which is located on the left side of the screen, we can expose different settings that we can control. Go to the search section at the top part of this window, and type in “speed”. Underneath the “Character Movement: Walking” section, you can change the value of “Max Walk Speed” to your desired walking speed and that’s all it takes to adjust the walking speed of the character.

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